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    How to make love to a woman?

    Approaching a woman requires a certain audacity and some good manners, as does the time to act that is never easy enough. It may be that the subject of sex has not yet been raised, and let us not be afraid to tell the truth, it is we men who are most stressed at the idea of not ensuring the first night, it would be a real shame to disappoint her. Know gentlemen! You are wrong, because in the question of how to make good love to a woman, the question of performance or duration does not even arise. Yes, I did. The man has always been in awe of his powerful penis, and he swears by the sacrosanct penetration to make his wife enjoy, which is nothing but a prejudice that prevents us from becoming good lovers. The reason? We think too much about our sexual performance, and we set aside exactly what women want. It’s high time to change mindsets and satisfy women in bed!

    Learning the Psychology of Sexuality

    The vision of sexuality in men and women is not the same, there is a big difference, and that is the problem. For a man, the most important thing is his performance and his confidence. He likes to lead the dance with this dominant spirit. He thinks only of penetrating her even if it hurts him, yes we must tell the truth, men love to see and hear his conquests enjoy and scream as in porn films.
    During the sexual act, he only cares about the duration, he thinks only of holding his sperm as long as possible, and sometimes forgets the essential, appreciate the act itself. We tend to send this image back, what gives us the most pleasure is the result of sexual intercourse.
    The vision of sexuality in men can only be summed up as a quick preliminary (time to get naked), penetration and then ejaculation. Of course, his fantasy is that there is fellatio before ejaculation! Basically, we focus solely on our personal pleasure.

    For women, the view of sexuality is totally different. They focus on sharing pleasure, emotion, love for the act and the intensity of sexual tension rather than endurance or performance. The proof, many women prefer foreplay than penetration itself.

    Let your partner show you

    Forget this idea that you are the male dominant who assures during the act, we understand that this is part of our male instinct, but there is nothing wrong with changing a little and letting your sexual partner guide you to show you what she has to off Rirs. This does not mean that you are a man who has no shit, on the contrary, it is an experience that will open your mind and your vision of sexuality.
    By focusing on her pleasure through caresses, sensual and tender touching, sweet little words, you can be sure that she will never forget you and that for her, you are the ideal lover in bed.
    So you have to ensure the preliminaries to impress him. Do not rush to touch her vagina, take the time to kiss her, slowly slip your hand under her panties, and caress her gently to gradually raise her libido.
    Let your partner guide you, it is the one who will decide the moment of penetration. This increases sexual tension. Focus on the signals she sends you through her emotions, her moans, and above all don’t rush.

    To increase sexual tension and envy, it is often recommended to practice cunnilingus and other clitoral touching. If you want your partner to fulfill all your fantasies during the sex act, consider making him enjoy during the foreplay. The more an orgasm a woman reaches, the more open she is to any sexual and perverse proposition. In the end, what matters is that by the end of coitus, you both reached the Holy Grail.

    Think again about the images that porn sets, raw and manly men totally dominant do not attract women, they hate hard sex. On the contrary, they prefer men who know how to share and who understand the pleasure of the other.

    Change your mentality first and foremost

    You’re probably waiting for me to give you tips and tricks on how to make good sex by talking to you about ideal positions, sex toys or other touching techniques. If you want to do it in bed, you need to understand the very definition of “sexual relationship.” The more you understand the meaning of this term, the more you will not go for it like a wild beast thinking only of kissing it. The most important thing is to take your time in each step of the act to feel the emotions.

    During the act, do not be afraid to look your partner in the eye, caress his body, from head to toe. It is not only physical stimulation that counts in sex, psychological stimulation is also very important for a fulfilling sexual pleasure. Focus on your partner’s pleasure to make him enjoy and you will see that the sequel will be more torrid than before.

    To conclude, in bed with your partner, it is not a question of sexual performance, there is no time or speed to beat, the goal is not to make her scream or to hold your ejaculation as long as possible. The important thing is that you share the fun together, and this can only be done by letting your wife guide you from time to time.

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