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    Techniques and tips for making good love to a man

    You are well with him, his presence gives you wings and in bed it is the discovery of a body, a warmth and desire. Yes, but how do you make love to her? Should precise techniques be applied? How to fill it and make him happy? Having a lack of confidence and questioning for fear of being judged and thrown away is perfectly normal. So let’s break taboos and erroneous questions right away. First of all, yes there are some ways to please your spouse, but they are not universal or automatic! Getting to know each other and to fill each other with each other remains the first step to make love to him.

    Conseils pour bien faire l’amour : levez le voile et furetez !

    How can you make love if you don’t know yourself? To seduce your partner, develop complicity and exchange. What are his desires? His unspeakable fantasies don’t scare you, then talk to him and tell him what you’d like. He will be interested in that.

    Apprenez à vous découvrir

    Eroticism is born under one’s own fingers, with furtive caresses under the duvet, one discovers, tests, penetrates and allows one to imagine indecent and exciting situations. And there is the revelation: that it’s good! Now your partner can play with you, guide him and do the same with him.

    Bien se caresser, en toute confiance

    Masturbate with confidence and tenderness, caress yourself, surprise yourself, together. Female ejaculation is a source of excitement for man, as it remains quite mysterious. How do you provoke her? Look for and test erogenous zones in and at home. One does not go without the other. They differ according to the lover. Some appreciate the tip of the fingernails on the nipples. Others shudder with caresses on the earlobe or crunchy and languorous kisses… Show fulfillment and desire. Being self-confident and his libido will be stunning for him.

    Montrez votre envie tout en douceur : écoutez-le

    Be understanding and delicate. By showing empathy, your spouse will feel confident. With a touch of love and hugs, he will open his heart. If you want it, your man will turn himself in. He will be grateful for these tender and caring gestures. To make love to your baby, sublimate every moment in your sexual relations. Complicity and trust will guide you to very intense frolics. Moreover, it is the ideal way to get an orgasm together, the apotheosis in short. However, this outcome is not automatic and the discovery of each is realized by tenderness, caresses and pleasure. Intimacy sets in and complicity fuses. Instinct realizes the rest, let yourself go, don’t be afraid to be ridiculous or nil. That will never be the case. Play with the beginnings, make the envy rise, gently, but surely By adding some naughty techniques, it is easy to spice up a romantic relationship.

    Lâchez prise !

    The ultimate enjoyment for a man increases tenfold when his partner reaches orgasm, the real one, the one who terraces. Yes, it exists and, in order to reach it, you have to let go and forget everything. The animal instinct arises and makes you the most flattering instrument for man who will thus experience the climax of pleasure. At the height of excitement after multiple sensual caresses, and absolutely maddening sexual games, the tension is at its peak. Let go of the demons of pleasure, especially do not stop, no discomfort or other negative thought should hinder this irrepressible and orgasmic coitus. Your spouse will be moved by it.

    Astuces : la fellation et la sodomie, parlons-en sans tabous

    For many, these practices are offensive or repulsive. It’s respectable. To force ourselves would be a catastrophe, man would feel it immediately and it would harm pleasure. But there are other techniques to make him happy. On the other hand, for those who love these intense sexual prowess, do not hesitate and let your animal sensuality ravage your spouse. He will be dazzled if he is a fan of it. If not, do not insist. The subtleties of fellatio lie in a fine approach. The man is not a Neanderthal, his penis is extremely sensitive, especially his acorn. This epicenter of pleasure will camber with pleasure if you touch it with tenderness with the tip of the tongue, it will worship. Aspirate it by applying more or less long pressures. Lick him and revel in his sweetness. Then ask him to guide you in your back-and-forth movements. They require a certain dexterity and above all sensuality. Mechanical gestures are prohibitive. Then if you cross the testicles, know that some men like their partner to take them in the mouth during masturbation of the penis. As far as penetration is concerned, to offer it is to open the door of extreme pleasure. Guide your spouse with great gentleness so that the foreplay allows for pleasant penetration. In this configuration, letting go is required for maximum pleasure. Breathe and breathe at length. Nevertheless, keep in mind that each individual differs and that this may displease.

    Ne vous inspirez pas de situations pornos, soyez vous-même

    Though… a small photograph or a chic porn video, in black and white excites the man of your dreams. Arouse desire by revealing only a few parts of your anatomy. This one, dressed in fine lingerie, elegant and enhanced by high heels, serves her imagination. Black eyes and carmine lips excite his craziest eros. Be bold, surprise him. Thus, by remaining natural, as he knows you and letting your instincts guide you, your spouse will be charmed by your little mutinous air as well as by your mischievous erotic techniques.

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