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    Sleeping with her best friend, good or bad idea?

    Sex with her best friend, good plan or not?

    A friend is a person close to us, a person who knows us, understands us and trusts us. But when that person is of the opposite sex, a sexual desire can complicate the situation. Honestly, who has never had a sexual attraction to their best friend? Childhood friend, classmate or office colleague, when the sexual urge is there, it is very difficult to turn her away. Which raises the question: “Is sleeping with your best friend a good idea or a bad idea?”


    What drives us to sleep with her best friend?

    Sexual drive is not controlled, those who think otherwise are damn liars. Best friend or not, the sexier the girl, the stronger the sexual drive. It can therefore be said that sexual attraction to one’s best friend is quite normal. But desire can quickly turn into need in certain situations.

    Situation No.1

    Sexual attraction can occur at the first meeting. The girl may be new to your circle of friends. In this situation, it is difficult for a man not to have dirty ideas in mind. As you get along with this person, the attraction will increase. Moreover, many believe that a sincere friendship with the opposite sex is impossible.

    Situation 2

    The girl may be a longtime friend of yours. At the very beginning, you never thought of her in a sexual way. But as you get along with her, the sexual attraction grows. You see little details that tickle your mind. This sexual attraction is all the stronger if the girl changes her look. So your friend may not have attracted you when you were children, but in adolescence or adulthood, that’s no longer the case.

    Location 3

    When you’re in a relationship, you have to control your sexual urges, especially when it’s caused by your best friend. But when you’re not in a relationship, there’s no moral constraint. Thus, when we have just come out of a complicated relationship, the desire for new conquest invades us. And what better way to get back in the saddle than a best friend?


    Sex with your best friend: the cons and cons



    The sine qua non condition for sleeping with your best friend is a reciprocal sexual attraction. If she too is attracted to your person, there is no reason not to have sex. At the very beginning, it can bother you both, because you know each other. But after first sex, the discomfort disappears.
    Sexual intercourse can have two purposes. In the first case, it is only a purely sexual relationship. Feelings are therefore not a factor. The idea is to spend some good time together without breaking your head. Do not think that it is advantageous that for men, women also have needs to satisfy. So it’s a win-win on both sides. But for everything to go well, it is important to clearly define the nature of the relationship upstream.
    In addition to the pleasure of sex, sleeping with your best friend can also lead to a real romantic relationship. Indeed, the intimacy that is created between two people through sex can give birth to a feeling of love. You may not have considered getting together at first, but love is not controlled. It is for this reason that we say “to fall in love”.

    The counters

    Sleeping with your best friend is a bad idea if the girl is not on the same wavelength. You may be attracted to it, but it is not reciprocal. In this case, talking about your attraction with the girl is strongly discouraged. If you talk about it and she is not interested, it will hurt your friendship. Indeed, if she is not as open-minded as you think, she will be more distant or will directly cut ties with you. In case she refuses, but doesn’t hold it against you, the problem is that your sexual attraction is always present.
    Also, if she agrees to have sex with you, be aware that this type of relationship rarely ends well. You may fall in love with the girl when the girl has not developed the same feelings towards you. It’s even worse if the girl falls in love with another man. Sexfriend relationships are therefore not made to last. It must be put to an end before one of you develops strong feelings for the other.

    How do you sleep with your best friend?

    To sleep with your best friend, you first have to make sure the girl is interested. Avoid asking the question directly at all costs. On some girls, candour is a tactic that works, but it’s not guaranteed. It’s better to gauge his sexual interest little by little. To do this, you have to be tactile and compliment it frequently to reveal your intentions in a subtle way. If she’s interested, she won’t rebuff your advances, on the contrary, she’ll play the game. On the other hand, if she is not interested, she will be unseasing to your advances. Once you are sure of his interest, you must let him know your fantasies. There are two ways to reveal your intentions, either by allusion or openly. By allusion, we must approach the subject with humour. Talk to her openly only if you’re close enough and sex is a subject you can both talk about without embarrassment. The method to be used also depends on the character of the girl. A humorous approach is more appropriate if it is shy and reserved.

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