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    How do you excite a man?

    The whole thing for a woman is not to have a dream body. She must be able to provoke desire in her man. She knows how to turn her sexual arousal to the extreme and generate true passion in their relationship. All arrangements must be made so that your man has eyes only for you. You will be not only his wife but also his unforgettable mistress. Here are the little tricks to be able to titillate a man and above all give him an irretrievable desire to jump on you.

    Catching the eye of man

    Men are different from each other. Everyone has their own fantasies of blockages that can kill sexual desire in a fraction of a second. Above all, it is important to know how to improvise and to know your man. The first trick is to stir her gaze with sexual fantasies. Man is more excited by what he sees. So all you have to do is put on a tight dress or a plunging neckline. It is crucial to highlight your beautiful shapes. Fine lingerie must be chosen on purpose. The temperature can rise immediately if you replay the legendary Basic Instinct scene. He must guess you’re without underwear. He’ll spend all the time fantasizing about you. He will obviously have a hard time hiding his desire. A woman has to be original. There must be some dynamic between you. You have to give him a little naughty look full of meaning as he is at work or in a group. The woman must be liberated and sexy. He will appreciate all the innuendos and will take so quickly to this game of seduction. The man must be put in appetite. The most exciting and passionate sex is long overdue. It is not a question of giving your man sex according to his will. Promise your man sex for later. His desire will increase as time passes. During the waiting phase, he will have accumulated a strong sexual energy for a very intense orgasm. Techniques can be useful for this. Your man is entitled in the morning to a very warm goodbye with caresses and a passionate kiss. Murmur your man in a public place in the ear of sexual and perverse things. A message around noon on his cell phone to remind him of your desires will put him in all his states. Indirect sexual calls maintain a man’s sexual desire.

    Dirty talk to better stimulate a man

    Sexy and raw words before moving on to serious things excite a man more. He really needs to understand what you have in mind. You have to find the right balance so you don’t scare your partner. The woman must know how to raise the temperature gradually. The more hardcore words can excite him wildly or create a cold shower. Dirty talk is not just for frolics. It can be used by text or restaurant discreetly. You need to know the words that make your man lose his footing. Some words or reminding your man of a torrid night can quickly create an erection. Your man will seek by all means to be alone with you. Sex attitude is to be developed by all women. The man is more excited to know that his wife has torrid thoughts. Remind your man of what you love in privacy.

    Hot caresses to drive him crazy

    You’re not cheating. All the senses are necessary to excite a man. The look, the hearing and the touch must go hand in hand. Caresses are well placed to better titillate the man. You have to make him want to rip off all your clothes. Some men love their partner kicking them under the table. Don’t hesitate to slip your hand on her sex discreetly. Men quickly get erect in case of a feeling of prohibition and especially with the fear of being caught hand in the bag. Foreplay at home is obligatory to excite your man more. You have to caress it erotically. An aphrodisiac massage is a powerful weapon. Your man with his eyes will completely abandon his body. Your expert hands must take full control of his body. He must be caressed from head to toe. You must brush the erogenous zones of your man by alternating with daring caresses and innocent gestures. Change your rhythm to make it crazier. Leather feathers or straps can be used in foreplay. The excitement must be mounted to the maximum with good fellatio. Get out of the beaten yards by practicing oral sex. Finally give him your body in show. The dim light on is magical.

    Stay the course by taking over

    Men often prefer to take matters into their own hands. Don’t get me wrong, they love women taking over. Stay suggestive, aggressive and give him orders. Make a small scenario with him to make him climb the curtains. The man must be seated comfortably on the bed. It must not touch you without permission. He has the right only to look at you and to suffer your sexual and sensual spirit. With sexy lingerie such as nightie, heels and a shirt you do striptease. It is necessary to make slow movements of caresses by fixing it at times. Men are generally obsessed with the fantasy of female masturbation. Decide for yourself to end his exquisite ordeal by masturbating his entire erogenous zone. The verbs to heat it are caressing, kissing, sucking, biting, licking, titillating, tickling and riding.

    You now have all the tools at your disposal. It’s up to you!

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