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    Making love at the 1st appointment: pros and cons

    You have found your ideal guy, but you are hesitant to have sex during a first meeting because you are afraid of what might think of you.
    You ask yourself a million questions “is it acceptable to sleep together at a first meeting”.
    Well, you’ll discover all the pros and cons before deciding to have sex on your first date.
    It is important to understand that not all guys are the same, some might think it is too early for a woman to have sex on a first date, while others might understand it perfectly.
    There are pros and cons to sleeping with a man at the first meeting.
    Here are some advantages and disadvantages you can take into account:

    The pros and cons of having sex on the first date.


    1 – He won’t think bad of you

    The first meeting went well, the guy pleases you and you like it however, you do not see yourself spending 4 to 5 months waiting for the next step .
    Having sex during a first meeting can increase your chances of getting it back faster.
    It is up to you to use your own judgment to realize if this man is just looking for an plan without tomorrow or if he really wants a serious relationship.
    How do I know if a man is serious with you?
    Your decision to sleep with him is unique to you; It’s not about what he wants.
    Regardless of the situation, the guys who are interested in you and want to be with you will continue to want to be by your side and will want to see you again.
    However, if you get over the course too early, it can cost you the relationship.

    2 – Only if you know him

    You can only have a first sexual realation with a guy if you already know him.
    For example, it could be a colleague or a long-time friend with whom you decided to leave the area of friends.
    It is perfectly correct to do so because it is someone you already knew.

    The drawbacks

    1 – You decrease your chances

    Not sleeping with someone at a first meeting is the number one rule for many women.
    This decreases your chances of a real relationship, which is why
    sex is based on intimacy.
    By having sex with someone, you accept that person’s body.
    It is awkward to be naked in front of a guy you just met.
    Remember that intimacy is the experience of an emotional friendship.
    It occurs when two people are emotionally open to each other, and reveal their true feelings, thoughts, fears and desires.
    This only happens when both people can really trust each other.
    Therefore, it will be embarrassing for two people who have just met to have sex on the first date.

    2 – It may be an unfortunate moment

    Most women want to sleep with the guy they just met for the first time to have fun.
    But no man in this world would want to stay in touch with a woman who wants sex as soon as they meet.
    He may think you’re doing exactly that with all the other guys you meet.
    If you sleep with a guy during a first meeting, you probably risk losing control of the relationship.
    Even if you both have a very good chemistry, it is probably better to wait a little longer.

    3 – Beware of sexually transmitted diseases

    It’s risky to have sex if you don’t know your partner well enough.
    You don’t know this man or his story, he may look good physically but who knows what’s inside?
    Although you may think that the condom is safe enough, things don’t always happen the way you would like, the condom could crack and you may regret it.
    Remember that sexually transmitted diseases can also be transmitted orally,and if you want to have sex from the first meeting, you will definitely have oral sex too.
    According to more studies, many women are afraid of their first sexual relationship and the sexual diseases they may be transmitted.

    From sex to the first date

    The first time you make love can be a challenge depending on the type of relationship you are looking for and the type of guy you meet.
    If you want to have fun when you first meet, think twice, you never know what the result will be, life is too precious and there is still a lot of time to go.
    Here are some tips you can use before deciding to have the first sexual relationship with the one you just met.
    It’s hard for a man to hide how he feels.
    Not all men will think it’s a good idea, even though he does. But remember that there are consequences afterwards and that you always have to protect yourself.
    With all these tips you can decide to have fun according to what you are looking for, if you know it, if you want sex or seriousness.

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