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    10 best erogenous zones for women

    The female body is a wonderfully complex machine, which never ceases to amaze when it comes to sex.
    Even the most experienced amateurs can still discover new pressure points and erogenous zones for women, new ways to be touched that make them wild.

    There are no real limits to sex, which is why we get so much pleasure out of it.
    There is always something exciting about mastering an adventurous position or satisfying movement, and there is always the potential for multiple orgasms, in terms of female pleasure.

    It is true that there is no limit to the number of times a woman can have orgasms during sex.
    While male ejaculation is a very fine and complete act, the inner walls and muscles of the vagina are designed to allow prolonged pleasure (biologically, in the hope of fertilization), and it is not uncommon for women to have two or three orgasms during love.

    To be the man who makes his wife enjoy, you must first learn to push the right buttons.
    There are certain parts of the female body, as there are for men, that become more sensitive during sex, and yes, this calls for female erogenous zones.
    Yet the biggest mistake a man can make is to assume that only the breasts and vagina count as erogenous zones for women.
    This article will not only show you how wrong this notion is and it will guide you to all the secret places that your wife likes to be touched.

    The top 10 erogenous zones for women

    1. The sensuality of the lips

    There are many ways to kiss a woman’s lips, so don’t overlook this key area.

    There’s the basic kiss but also many other ways to stimulate erogenous zones for women,so be a little creative.
    For example, women are crazy about a small soft fang on the lower lip, followed by a deep kiss and a mischievous smile.
    If she turns your fang back on you, she liked it and she wants more.

    2. Sweet Whispering

    It should not be surprising to find that the ear can be a very sensitive area and one of the main erogenous zones for women.
    There are women for whom gently biting her ear, snacking or blowing her tenderly disappointed will not trigger anything for them, but the majority will really like it.

    In addition, studies have stated that women are more psychologically stimulated than men, so that auditory pleasure can be a true stimulator of libido.
    If you want to quickly excite a woman, whisper gently in her ear, then use your lips to draw a feather outline along her ears.

    3. Kissing the wrists

    The inner side of the wrist is covered with a very sensitive layer of skin and reacts enthusiastically to the touch.
    That’s why you’ll often see that romantic films that men turn women’s wrists in order to gently kiss it – the skin is so sensitive to touch that it stimulates a reaction like an erogenous zone.
    If it lets you reach out, take it carefully and expose the skin of the inner wrist.
    Then give her sweet kisses until you can feel that your wife is starting to melt.

    4. The power of the neck

    The neck is a very intense erogenous zone for women, as a bonus, it can be stimulated before undressing.
    This means that, like the ears and lips, it is possible to ecstatic a woman and prepare her for sex before she has even been able to think about it.
    The skin is particularly vulnerable and tender, so be sure to use a light and soft touch.
    A warm breath is usually enough to stimulate this area, so don’t be afraid to work mainly with the mouth and tongue.

    5. Pleasure in the knees

    This is a female erogenous zone that could surprise many men, and there is a good reason why it is not generally considered a very sexy area.
    There are very few men who look at the back of the knee and think ‘I’m not going to waste time on this area’, after all.

    However, the back of the knees is filled with hundreds of sensitive nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive to touch.
    This means that after you’ve got your feet, it’s a good idea to walk your way and stroke your entire leg, until you reach that erogenous zone.
    Just touch, kiss, and caress very lightly, and see if your wife expresses pleasure then move on to another area.

    6. Excitement with feet

    It is one of the few female erogenous zones that can divide people, precisely because there are many lovers who cannot bear the sight of the feet – not just the feet of their partner, but all feet.

    If you enjoy this, start with soft skin on the ankles, and guide your fingers around to draw an outline of his foot.
    Again, if you are comfortable, use your mouth and tongue to lick and stimulate your toes.

    7. Caress the inner thighs

    Again, it should be pretty obvious that the inner thigh is a very valuable erogenous zone for women.
    While the majority of men treat it only with a quick touch on their journey to the vagina, it is actually the ideal area for prolonged and intense caresses with the fingers or the tip of the tongue.
    If you want your wife to tremble with excitement and be ready for pleasure, use pressure variations, or alternate between warm kisses and cold breath, to stimulate this area.

    8. Caressing the breasts

    It is not possible to talk about female erogenous zones without mentioning breasts, despite their obvious role in love.
    If possible, resist the temptation to go directly to the nipple, instead create a movement by gently caressing his chest and then going up to his shoulders and gently and more slowly approach the nipples with movements of semi-circular hand.

    You can knead gently and tighten the breasts, or draw their outline with your fingertips, before taking a sensual tongue and stimulating your wife by gently crunching this very sensitive area.

    9. Thinking about your desires

    It is important, perhaps more important for women, that sex does not begin with a superficial touch of the legs and breasts, then a direct route to the vagina.
    Although many men are less keen to know if their thighs have been properly tickled or their ears have been teased, the accumulation of pleasures is extremely important for women, and very often determines how much it will be easy for them to have an orgasm.

    In other words, the more you work before you go to the breasts and vagina, the easier it will be.
    With this in mind, move towards the buttocks and do not be afraid of pressure, the area is sensitive but muscled – a pinch can even raise a smile.

    10. Stimulate the clitoris

    By the time you head to her vagina, you will know if this is the right time if your wife looks at you sensually, or by biting her lower lip, or even by geming with pleasure, you should find that her vagina is well lubricated to anticipate the Sex.
    This is important and necessary to make love under good conditions.

    Once his body is ready to meet yours, take time to stimulate his clitoris with your fingers and then with your tongue.
    During the sexual act, you can try to find his G-spot.
    As most men already know, this can be difficult, but there is nothing wrong with slowing down and allowing her to guide you to her G-spot so that she may ecstatic before your eyes.

    If you want to have fun together by making love, it is essential to give your body the care and attention it deserves,stimulating its erogenous zones – not just the breasts and genitals.
    Yet it is important to remember that all female bodies are different and that what works for one woman might not produce the same effect for another.

    Your job is to determine what combination of movements and actions will send your wife to the 7th heaven, and this can only be achieved with attention – look at her reactions, feel her answers and move forward with her.
    If necessary, ask her what she likes, because communication will always be something to encourage and promote in a couple.

    Again, it is always recommended to keep in mind the fact that everyone is different and appreciates different things.
    If your partner doesn’t like some of your movements, or doesn’t respond in the way you hoped, don’t feel discouraged.
    You can pursue or try something new, or just ask her where she likes to be touched.
    In many ways, the mouth is really the most important erogenous zone for women,because it is the center of communication.

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