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    5 tips to seduce women

    Seduction is attracting a woman’s attention,identifying her desires and taking steps to create the right atmosphere.
    Seducing a woman is following a process that will make the magic of the moment.

    You need to arm yourself with progressive patience and strategy to make the most of your opportunity.
    Here are the main steps that will teach you how to seduce women the right way and get the right results.

    5 Ways to seduce women

    1. Get it right

    This step helps you analyze the woman you want and share your attention.
    In this step, you have to find the right time to go and talk to him.
    It is important that you remain patient and exercise your approach with caution.

    You don’t have to come in like the guy who just wants to have it and then leave.
    To help you get started, look to be close to her just like a friend at first. Make the conversation and be the friend she wants.
    In this way, it will open up to you and be more welcoming.

    2. Work your appearance

    It’s about your physique, your dress and your behaviour. Dress elegantly to get his attention, invest in a good perfume and work your self-confidence.
    When choosing clothes, look for clothes that flatter you rather than trying to look for an outfit simply because it’s fashionable.
    Think about your body and get something that will highlight your strengths. Stay clean and use a sweet scent that is attractive but not too strong.

    Confidence in you is a very important aspect whenapproaching a woman, she will be more likely to be attracted to you.
    It’s about feeling comfortable and taking responsibility for who you are. Keep in mind that self-confidence is not being a boast. By being confident, you’re going to fill it.

    3. Use body language

    Don’t tell him everything from the beginning. Instead, use your body language to help you describe your thinking.
    Cele allows you to strategically cross the touch barrier by triggering physical contact with simple gestures, such as touching your shoulder.
    This will initiate a positive reflex and make it open to you.

    Don’t rush into the breach while you make physical contact, look at her to see her reaction. Her body language will speak for her and you can then probe her attentions.
    In addition, you need to make sure the experience is enjoyable for both of you especially if you want to see it again.

    4. Create the right atmosphere

    The right atmosphere is important and, at this point, you can get it.
    Increase some of its senses such as that of smell. Be sure to invite her into a room that smells nice.
    Put on soft music and focus on what she’d like to listen to rather than what you like.

    You already know your intentions and you are looking to attract and seduce her. The music will make it easier for you to get closer and you can make it dance.
    If you are dining, you can try decorating the table with candles and reducing the intensity of your lights.
    Make sure your home is clean and tidy.

    5. Getting physical contact

    At this point, it is obvious that you are both on the same wavelength and that you are comfortable for physical contact.
    Start by cuddling her on a couch with your arms around her shoulder while you watch a movie.
    Tilt and give the first kiss, making sure it’s sweet. Make sure he likes it, it will guide you in your next step.

    Focus on its sensitive points such as ears, neck, head, as well as feet.
    Over time, you will notice other points gradually. If you don’t know where to start, you can choose to give her a foot massage.
    This will help him relax.

    Important point for learning how to seduce a woman

    If you want to seduce women,take the opportunity to do it properly and get exactly what you want.
    As you already know what you want, it’s time to focus on it so you can enjoy the adventure together.

    With this simple process, you can seduce her. The key is to be patient because you will know his desires.
    You will both enjoy the experience.

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