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    How to Excite a Woman?

    Female sexuality is a very complex concept and the female bodies are different from each other so it is important to know better that of the woman we wish to send to the 7th heaven in order to experience with her the sexual ecstasy of mating or Coit. How then to discover and stimulate the erogenous zones of the woman and give her this pleasure to make love?

    Stimulating the desire to make love in women

    While some “easier” women simply have sex when they feel like it, most, on the other hand, aspire to a fulfilling sex life by trying to experience immense sensual and sexual pleasure at the time of orgasms. Men aspire above all to this second category and seek all means to excite the woman he is about to take and with whom he intends to make love. But stimulating envy and pleasure in women is sometimes difficult as the female erogenous zones are different from one woman to another. It is thethen of the importance to emphasize the foreplay, which is an opportunity to enter into the subject, and to know better the body that is available to you. You won’t have trouble making sure if you pay close attention to her reactions when you pass on sensitive places such as her breasts and nipples, her neck, neck, pubis, legs and calves, genitals and vulva , or his lips, among others. Gently, sensually, kiss her on her mouth and ear to awaken her libido while whispering sweet and naughty words and continue to explore her body with her hand, sometimes asking her to test your manhood to show her that you are willing to make her mad with love. When her whole body starts to shudder, you can be sure that she wants to be taken in a torrid way. The instant effect of a pornographic film before sexual practices is also effective if you start the session with a sensual hug. Your imagination should have no limit to excite the woman and cause her to explode into a violent orgasm.

    The sensuality of the face

    The mouth is one of the woman’s erogenous zones. More lustful women get excited more easily when you kiss her in the mouth and especially when you tickle her tongue with yours, or when you bite her lips. It is the same of his ear. Bypass her ear with your lips whispering naughty and sexy words. Kiss his neck and neck by biting in places. Your hot breath on his neck is a very effective stimulant. Use your tongue on his neck and neck. If it does not withdraw or if it does not push you away, the cause is acquired and it will respond positively to your intimate caresses by giving yourself to you more intensely. She will then be the first to want to have sex. If these caresses are the foretaste of the foreplay, they should be maintained during and after mating.

    Other erogenous zones

    Breasts, navel, pubis, calves, inner thigh, buttocks are all sensitive areas that deserve special attention. Caressing and licking these parts with the tongue will be enough to trigger sexual envy in women. When you get inside your thigh and groin, feel free to continue your exploration to the genitals. Through her underpants, your fingers will open her sex’s lips and look for her vulva that you will feel directly swelling under your fingers. Don’t dwell on this area and make it languish by passing your fingers quickly over its anus. Her jerky breath at that time will assure you that you had her in condition and that her vagina is open enough to receive not only your penis, but also your tongue. You can then slowly remove her underwear and start accentuating your caresses on her sex until she begs you to penetrate her, or to perform oral sex, or a cunnilingus.

    Stimulate the clitoris and trigger the female orgasm

    When you start moving towards her vagina, make sure it is well lubricated, proof that the woman is extremely excited. The support she brings to the meeting of your fingers as well as her mares of muffled pleasure and her looks of envy should invite you to penetrate her. Then gradually discover her Point G and her clitoris and normally an excited woman will guide you to this point. Meanwhile, her growing moans will assure you of her state of advanced excitement and she may even bite your body. During penetration, avoid speeding up your back-and-forth movements. Make the fun last by changing positions often. It is recommended to avoid the classic position of the Missionary which rather favors the passivity of the woman and risks dropping her excitement. Then choose the positions in doggy, head-to-toe, of Andromaque, or even the kamasutra, so as to allow him to participate in the movements. You can then try to stimulate her clitoris with your tongue to project her towards the 7th heaven.

    Special effects

    Sex toys, whips, Aphrodisiacs, fine and sexy lingerie, exciting substances for women are all sexual stimulants and can help to know how to make good love and how to excite her partner. The idea is to use them at the right time and wisely, especially during foreplay so as not to alter the pleasure of vaginal or penetration proper as well as that of ejaculating in the vagina.

    To make a woman enjoy is above all to bet on the complicity of the couple and the desire to enjoy together simultaneously after long frolics, while avoiding an early ejaculation.

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